Wattech SW-8040 SWRO Membrane
Wattech RO Membrane
Wattech SW-8040 SWRO Membrane

Wattech SW-8040 SWRO Membrane

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Deskripsi :


It is applicable to the desalination of raw water with salt concentration between 15000ppm and 40000ppm, and make removal for the boron is more than 90%. This membrane model was widely applied to the desalination of sea water and high concentration brackish water, concentration and recycle treatment for high salt wastewater.


Specifications & Parameters

Model SW-8040

Active Membrane Area ft2 (m2) 400(37.2)

Permeate Flow GPD (T/D) 9000(34.1)

Stable Rejection Rate (%) 99.7


Operating Limits and Conditions of Membrane Element :

Max.Working Pressure : 1200 psi (8.3MPa)

Max. FeedWater Temperature : 45

Max. Feed Water Flow : 17.0m3/h

Max. Feed Water SDI : 5.0

Free Chlorine Concentration of Feed Water : 0.1 mg/L

pH Range of Feed Water During Continuous Operation : 2 – 11

pH Range of Feed Water During Chemical Cleaning : 1 – 13

Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element : 15 psi (0.1Mpa)



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