TH5-40-2OF Absolute Rated Pleated Twin Filter Cartridge
TH5-40-2OF PFI
Twin Filter Cartridge
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TH5-40-2OF Absolute Rated Pleated Twin Filter Cartridge

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·         Filter Media : Borosilicate glass fibre

·         Micron Size : 5 micron ( orange )

·         Length : 40”

·         End Cap Construction 20F : 222 ’0’ ring/flat

·         Maximum differential pressure : 5.5 bar @ 25 ºC (80 Psi @ 77 ºF)

·         Maximum working temperature : 176 ºF (80 ºC)

·         Change out differential pressure : 2.5 bar (37 Psi)

·         Outside diameter (OD) : 2½ ‘’ (65 mm)

·         Inside diameter :  1 ‘’ (25.4 mm)

·         Filtration area : 0.25 - 0.75 m² per 10 ‘’ cartridge



The manufacturing of the Pleated Filter absolute (standard 2.5 inch) cartridge has undergone a rigorous change. Now the fully thermal welded construction ensures safe usage in filtration with high temperature fluids, acids, diesel, oily water and solvents. Furthermore our cartridge now has a firm outer-guard making it much stronger.

The TH absolute rated filter cartridge is manufactured under high quality standards in our production facilities in the Netherlands. This high performance and cost effective pleated cartridge is especially manufactured for filtration of oilfield fluids. The TH cartridges assure the removal of particles in the size range, necessary to protect the formation. The pleated absolute cartridges have a diameters of 2,5 inch (63.5mm).

TH5-40-2OF Absolute Rated Pleated Twin Filter Cartridge


·         Fully thermal welded, no glue / adhesives

·         All TH pleated cartridges are Beta 5000 rated (efficiency 99,98%)

·         Colour code micron rating for easy recognition

·         The three layer; glass fibre between polyester filter layers for max. removal performance, strength and stability

·         Especially designed for the offshore industry

·         World wide stocking of most common types

·         Quality assured for all absolute cartridges

·         Retrofits for all types and brands



·         Completion fluids

·         Work over fluids

·         Gravel pack fluids

·         Waste water treatment

·         Diesel

·         Fuel oil

·         Sea/river/well

·         Water

·         Acids

·         Solvents

·         Gels

·         Amines & glycols

·         Process water

·         Prefiltration RO



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